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Roof Replacement

Storms, rodents, and other external factors can heavily impact roofs. When your roof is beyond repair, we recommend you replace it with a new one from ABC Roofing that comes with the company’s Lifetime Warranty.

Storm Damage Inspections

Our policy is to inspect every roof we service to ensure its condition. We use the most advanced drone technology available to give detailed views of the entire structure from multiple angles, thus receiving the best diagnoses.

Astec Roof Coating

Astec roof coating products are viable alternatives to flat roofing. They provide the durability and elasticity that is not present in other products. Our roof coatings provide a built-in solution to all of your roofing problems.

Roof Replacement

We offer Thermo Polyolefin (TPO) solutions to your flat roof problems. Our liquid adhering solutions dry into a thick white protective layer that coats and protects your existing flat roof.

Aerated Cement Panels

Aerated concrete panels offer innovative and interesting building alternatives. They are lightweight, require less steel than traditional reinforced concrete, and are suitable for both exterior and interior applications.

7 Year New Roof Warranty

For all of our new roofs

ABC’s Roofing & Construction LLC offers a seven-year warranty on newly installed roofs. The warranty is automatically included with your new roof.

It covers up to seven years of warranty with Abc’s roofing & construction LLC, and in those seven years, we come out & inspect your roof and ensure it performs as it should with no missing or broken shingles.

Sometimes, a tree can damage the top, or rodents can chew through flashing or damaged shingles. The homeowner is informed of all this information, and anything that falls under the warranty gets fixed.

Finding a problem early before it hurts your home can save you hundreds on interior home repairs.

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